Why big box stores having their product out early is an important sign for direct sellers.

Yes, it is that time of the year again, back to school shopping has begun.  But wait, Staples has had their back to school displays out weeks ago, and other big box stores have their hallowe’en and even Christmas displays starting.  It is hard to keep a calendar and know when to shop for what!

So, why do these big box stores do this to us? Do they think we are going to buy reindeer wrapping paper in August? Or pencil sharpeners in July?  No, they don’t – but what they do know is that we are going to buy a LOT of those products in the last few weeks leading up to the holidays.  They also know that they have limited delivers and even LESS storage space in those big box stores, so if they are going to have enough in stock for us, they need to bring in in early, on every possible truck, and get it out, so that they will be able to move in their small storage areas.

But you might ask, what does that have to do with me as a network marketer? Is it just to remind me how much money I need to make? No, what it should do is remind you that YOU only have limited trucks and limited storage space (well, figuratively speaking).  Think about the holiday season.  One of my personal key products is a giftable item.  It is huge around Christmas and Mother’s day.  But there are only so many Saturdays in November, and only so many in mid to late October.  I am looking at 6 maybe 7 afternoon or evening parties that I can facilitate, and that is if I don’t already have vendor events booked.  Add a few Sundays (I personally feel that Sunday is my family time, so out of those 7 weeks, I usually only allow for 2-3 bookings) add a few weeknights here and there – and my “display shelf” is filled with maybe 12-15 times slots.  Now, in my first year of business, that was ok.  I didn’t have a lot of clients that year, so I was able to fit them all in.  Now, 3+ years later, I am scrambling with my VIP hostesses to get them into my calendar in a time that works for them and me!  So, yes, I have been talking to my hostesses since June about getting their time in.  They also know that they need to hold that time, because the likely hood of me being able to move my truck so to speak, is not very likely.

Now, if you are selling a consumable, this time is even more important.  People only have so much money to go around.  So, you want to be contacting people early so that they can stock up on the things that they need, so that they can budget their money better over the holiday time!

So, basically, is when you see the back to school products on the shelves, you need to be thinking September bookings in YOUR head, and when the tinsel and lights show up at Costco, it is time to fill your holiday presentation calendar as well!

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