As an entrepreneur, solopreneur, maketer, social seller, or just about anyone who has to get out of bed in the morning, the chance of success boils down to 1 thing – YOU.  There may be factors in the way that slow you down, challenge you with pit stops, but ultimately YOU are the person that determines how you handle those curves, bends, changes in the direction.


In September 2013, I was a busy “successful” portrait photographer.  I was booking, selling, doing all the right things, but it wasn’t right for me, any more.  I had hired 2 other people to help me, which meant that we needed to work harder their incomes.  Then BOOM, I got thrown a curve ball – someone placed an opportunity in my hands, and I had to decide to hand it back, and keep on my path, or take the opportunity and try it!

In improv comedy, there is a basic principal called “Yes, and” if you are given an offer on stage by another performer, say yes to it and run with it – you don’t know where it is going to lead you, but it will lead you somewhere.


At our team meeting last night, one of our members asked me about meetings in her local area, and why no one else had started them.  My basic response to her is – if you want team meetings in your area, start team meetings in your area!

Here are some key things that I have found helpful to me in my life, but especially in my business.

You need to decide WHAT you want

You need to decide WHO can help you get that

You need to ASK them for the help (waiting for them to offer, you can be sitting stalled for a long time)

You need to decide WHEN you want to get it done

You need to decide HOW you are going to get it done

You need to be willing to take detours, pit stops along the way, and maybe the WHAT you want changes, but always, always always keep moving.