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A vision board can be a very powerful tool in your business and your life. Many people go from day to day with dreams, but when you talk to the most successful people, they will say it is their vision that got them to where they are, or where they are going.

A dream is simply that, something that is in your head, that you would like, but many times, dreams simply don’t happen. Most times we don’t share those dreams with anyone, because we think that people will get the wrong impression of us.

A vision is a stronger “want”. And when you use a vision board you visualize those wants in a stronger way, and you place those desires out in the universe to help with the acquiring those desires.

Vision, and vision coaching has been used in athletics for years. Think about the baseball player who pays a Vision Coach THOUSANDS of dollars to help him visualize hitting a home run and winning a major game. A vision coach will talk him through every step of the way, from leaving the dug out to hitting the ball, to running the plates, to getting to home and the cheers.

So, lets talk about YOUR vision. On one of our recent Team Vitality calls, we were talking about vision boards and creating a vision for your life. On the call I asked each participant to tell me one thing they would have on their vision board. One of the lady’s wants a car. She has been talking public transit for a number of months now. So, here were her home work steps.

I asked her to decide on a brand and a type of car (she did – Toyota Rav). Her next job was to go to a deal and take one for a test drive. Make sure she likes it and it is what she wants. Next, she is to take a selfie of her IN the car. She is to email that picture to me, and to print a copy and either have it on a frame on her desk, or somewhere she is going to see it every day. Then I asked her to visualize what the freedom of having her own car will feel like. How that will change her life. What that independence will give her. Now, she has a VISION of that car, and a goal to earn it. It may take her a number of months, or even a year to get there, but she WILL be driving that car.

So, how do you decide what your vision is – that really is up to you. Your vision board should have visual representations of what you want in your life. If you want to have more time for yourself, find a picture of what you like to do with that time. If it is paying off debt so your life can be less stressful, then have a picture of dollar signs. Your vision board can be a small or as big as you want it but these are my tips for you.

– Make it real. Virtual vision boards are great, but having something that you can see every day helps you get over the hurdles.
– Involve the people in your life that you want included in your life. Maybe a spouse, maybe friends, maybe your children or siblings. One lady I know wanted to buy a home for her mom. So she needed to find out from her mom what type of house she wanted.
– Include words, phrases or quotes that speak to you and to the vision of your life.
– Don’t be afraid to change it. Like anything priorities and life changes, and so should the vision of your life.
– Make sure to re-visit it. I like take some time every 6 months and see if I am heading in the right direction, and if those visions still speak to me. Then once a year, I do an “overhaul”. I take off anything that I have accomplished, and I add, or move things around.
But the most important thing to do is to start!

I have started collecting some samples of vision boards on my pinterest page – feel free to check it out!

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