simplifying your direct sales business

Would you like to make your direct sales business, more simple?

Like anything in life, the longer you do something, the more complicated we can make it. And this is true with your own direct sales business.  One of the things that I coach my team on is going back to the basics every day.


When I say BOOK – I mean book parties, presentations, one-on-ones, vendor events, just keep booking.  If you are able to do that, then you business will keep going.  One of my favourite styles of bookings is the – “Hostess, 3 friends, and me”.  This is when you talk to your hostess and suggest having just a couple of friends over for coffee, having a couple of co-workers meeting in the lunch room, have a couple of friends meet for drinks after work.  I meet them, do a short “presentation” that talks about the product and the opportunity, take the orders and my goal is to be “out” within about 60 to 90 minutes.  Simple

When talking to people about the opportunity, it is the same thing.  I always suggest that my guest brings a supportive friend.  Someone who has an open mind and is willing to learn more about the opportunity to make a little extra money.  Simple.  I do my presentation by asking simple questions about what they know about the opportunity, what they want to know about the product and what they know about direct sales in general.  Then, I answer all of the questions and finish off with a simple “did we cover everything”.  I want to make sure that everyone has all the information that they need to make an informed decision.  Many people have the wrong idea about the direct sales industry and about the opportunities available to them.

If you touch your business every day, even just a little bit, you will find that it keeps growing.  There is nothing harder then starting that stone moving again, but it can be done – if you BOOK – SHARE – BOOK – SHARE – you are booking to meeting and share the products and the opportunity.  Want to know more about the business that I am in – check out this Video!

Hope this helps, bye for now