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What is your Facebook Live set up?

So, recently I posted a picture of my set up for my Facebook lives.  It is kind of hacked together and inexpensive, but it works (and works well).  I run my little mini-empire from a 4×8 foot space in our family living room.  I wanted to have natural light during the day, but a lot of what I do, I do in the evenings, or on cloudy days (because I live in Eastern Ontario – and there are a lot of cloudy days.

So, here is my equipment list.  (Disclaimer – I make NOTHING off of any of the links on this page.  I am not currently an Amazon affiliate, so here, enjoy!)

My laptop stand!

I LOVE this stand.  It gets my MacBook off my desk, at a good height.  There is space underneath that I can tuck pens or notebooks.  I have to admit, I needed it up about another 1/2 inch, so I stuck a small book under it.  I am terrible at not using my mouse, so I still end up using the track Pag, and this fits it so nicely!

The Clamps

These clamps come in a set of 2, and I purchased 2 packages – they open to about 2″ to clamp onto just about anything. 
They have a pre-built in swivel, so I can manipulate where the light is pointed, or where the camera is!  The clamps have little rubber feet.  I have lost one, so then I went and glued the others on.  It just helps them be more sturdy.


The support for my phone

This was hard to find.  I wanted to something that would be flexible for my phone, my husband’s phone, and our small point & shoot camera.  It is very adjustable, but sturdy at the same time.  Opens up fairly wide.


The Lights (probably the most important thing)

Being a past professional photographer, I know that your lighting is everything, so I wanted something that had a good option for the amount of light, was lightweight to hold onto the clips, and was BATTERY powered (because I didn’t want extra cords running).  This thing runs off of 6 – AA batteries.  I have been using it fairly often for over a year, and still, haven’t had to replace the batteries.  I have 2, and if I am doing a longer video, I will get both up and angle point them at me.  They are also a great light for product shots because they are continuous, you can see where any shadows are.  They come with some filters, but honestly, I am not sure where they are!  The light intensity is adjustable, so you can adapt it depending on how far away you are from the source.  I tend to be about 2-3 feet, so  I keep the 1 light on the lowest setting.  If you were further away, just crank it up a bit!

Small Portable (and flexible) tripod

One of the things you didn’t see in the pictures, is my joby tripod.  I love this thing (and this one comes with the same phone clip as I am recommending above.  As a family, we take it all over – because I am a geek, a lot of time, I will throw one of those lights in, so I can get better pictures when I am traveling.  It means that I can attach a phone or light, in a lot of places.

So there you have it – my big advanced facebook live kit!  Investing in a few key pieces can really help the quality of what you do.

So, thanks for checking me out – if you want to know more about me – come and have a read over here or if you want to hang out with me in my facebook computer, come on over here!