A business case for Health Products vs Diet Products


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Recently, I heard of a company who represents a new “magic pill” for diet products.  Take one of these in the morning, one in the afternoon and you can lose 12 lbs in a short period of time.  Sounds great doesn’t it!

Here’s the problem with that as a business. Once the customer has lost those 12lbs, if that is all that they have to lose, they will figure they don’t need your product anymore, and go back to doing what they were doing before.  And likely in 3-4 months, will have gained some of that weight back, and maybe come back to your product, but more than likely, they will think that that “magic pill” didn’t work, and go and try something different.

As a business, you will get 1 maybe 2 months of that customer on your product.  They may refer some friends to you, but likely, they will keep it secret, because they really don’t want their friends to know they had that weight to lose in the first place.

With a business such as Youngevity, they are promoting HEALTH not just weight loss.  Weight loss is a small part of the product offering, but the key focus is on getting your body working for you.

Recently, a large number of the people in the company took on a 21 Day eating challenge.  This challenge did not specifically have any products tied to the 21 days.  Many of the people in the challenge were already on some of the products, but the healthier eating was the key focus of time period.  Yes, many (and most) of the people on the challenge did lose weight, but that was an added bonus.

The other issue with diet products, is there is always a bit of a fad associated with them, and eventually, that fad – like a 80’s shoulder pad – will end.  Healthy living will continue to grow as our population ages, and as the available farm land shrinks and is over harvested!

One of the best stories I have heard since joining Youngevity in early 2016, was a dear friend of mine who suffers from chronic pain.  She is a young woman, with a young son, and many of the chores that we take for granted having to do, are things that she would LOVE to feel that she could.  Well, back in the spring, she realized that the lawn needed cutting.  Because of the pain, she had never been able to cut the grass, and if she attempted it, she would be in agony afterwards.  So, on this faithful day, she decided to try.  Not only did she cut the entire lawn (they live in Rural Saskatchewan, so it is a big yard), but afterwards, she was able to enjoy the rest of her day.  No, she is not pain free – but what she has now is a quality of life that she didn’t have before starting with Youngevity.  If she was using a “magic diet pill” that would not have helped her.  Has she lost some weight on the Youngevity products – yes! And so have I, but I want to work for a company, and represent a product that is about being healthy.

So, while diet pills may work for your weight, they will not create customers that will stay with you for long periods of time.  So, that won’t be healthy for your bank account either.  Find a company that is about promoting a healthy life style.  Not only will you be helping people in many ways, but it will create a healthier bank account for you!

If you are interested in hearing more about the Youngevity advantages, send me a message – and we can chat about your long term health of your body and bank account!


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