So, I do a lot of my work with Social Media.  I have a Facebook personal page, a Facebook business page, a Facebook VIP group, a Facebook Team Page, multiple sub-team pages so that I can manage and work with specific groups.  Not to mention, my Instagram, my Pinterest and my Twitter accounts (ok,  I am tired from just typing all of that).  And I do my best to engage and post regularly in all of those groups.  How do I do it?

CINCHSHARE – Right now, they only support Facebook and Pinterest, but that is a great start for me.  It means that on a Sunday night (when I do all my pre-planning for the week) I can go in and get my engagement posts all ready to go.  In the long run, it saves me a lot of time.  I can focus on one task and get that done.  I know that anything I want to share with my team or my clients at certain times of the day or week.  Also, I do a lot of Facebook Parties with my team and my clients.  I have a “deck” of images and text pre-stored in the history of CinchShare, so when I plan a new party, I can go back and set it up in about 5-10 minutes.  Then during the party, I can focus on engaging with the guests, and know that the next post will happen.

To set up your account, you can link it right to Facebook (which is good as it is one less password I need to remember) a few clicks and your accounts and services are all ready to go.  And the best part, it is linked to Canva – where I design a lot of my images that I use


Want to try Cinchshare out – check them out here















bye for now!