Welcome to my blog series, Divas of Direct Sales.  In this series, we will be interviewing amazing women who are loud and proud about their businesses.

Francesca Schwarz, Ciao Bella Boutique LLC featuring Paisley Raye

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Tell us a bit about yourself 
I am from the Pacific Northwest. Married the Navy and that brought me to Virginia. Mother to a 2-year-old male terrorist that for some reason I love unconditionally.
What is the one thing that attracted you to your brand/direct sales in general
LuLaRoe was actually my first step into the direct sales world. I was a new mom who needed a social outlet incredibly bad. Because the Navy had moved us to Virginia I was far away from friends and family that would under normal circumstances lend a helping hand/guidance through this new motherhood journey. I had always worked so staying at home with a new baby and not having my own money was extremely difficult for me to grasp. I saw the community and friendships that were being built around this clothing brand and I wanted THAT! I have now moved on from LLR to opening my own boutique as well as signing on as an independent stylist with Paisley Raye!
What is the one thing about life that the direct sales has taught you or reinforced for you
To be me. Unapologetically ME! I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and that is okay! (because I drink coffee…so….) By being myself I will attract those that are like me and even those that are complete opposite (We are typically attracted to our opposite counterparts are we not?). You will never please everyone, so don’t even try!
What is one of our favorite products that your company sells, and something from another company?
 Paisley Raye has this incredible retro-inspired dress called the Dahlia and I seriously could wear this dress EVERY DAY! I drink Java Momma coffee every day (best coffee…seriously, you will throw your old shit out). I am obsessed with the R&F body lotion and sunscreen… have you tried it?!?! It does not smell like sunscreen!!! It’s heavenly! (I have to slather my sleeve tattoo in sunscreen to protect the vibrant colors from the sun’s damaging rays)
If you were able to go back and do one thing differently when you started your business what would it be?
Hmmmmm I don’t really think I would do anything different! I really like how things have played out and the lessons I have learned in the journey!
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you have and why?
Ummmm well sunscreen for that gorgeous tattoo sleeve of mine lol. Can I have my phone and Wifi? I mean…. all my friends live in my phone…. just saying 😉
You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
…. Black…. it’s the new Black. 😉 Can’t have enough Black. We will rename it though…. “Queen of Darkness” ….hmmm let’s add some gold glitter flecks in that crayon too.
What is the one thing (technology, product, service) that makes running your business better/easier?

Ummm… does Brenda Ster and everything she has created count as a service? Because she is why I am here.

A penguin walks through your front door right now wearing a sombrero. What does she say and why is she there?
“Oh shit, sorry, I thought this was the arctic! Must be because you’re one cool bitch!” … she just wanted to chill 😉
Tea, coffee or other?
COFFEE…. seriously…. that is all I drink… it counts as water consumption right?

Favorite Motivational Quote / Song
Oh, well…. Meghan Trainor’s song “Me too” never fails to get me dancing and in a better mood

Side Note:  I had “heard” about Francesca from a great friend of mine, then started stalking her groups and other social media outlets – this really is one cool chick, and any penguin (or any of the rest of us) would be lucky to hang out with her for a couple of hours.

Make sure you check Francesca out, and if you are interested in being featured as a Diva of Direct Sales – send me a message, I would love to share your story.