3 Steps to Write Blog Posts in under 10 minutes

quick blog postAre you looking for tips on how to write blog posts quickly?

One of the challenges most bloggers have is to write blog posts quickly enough to keep up with trends and keep the fresh content on their blogs.  Many bloggers are not trained writers, so having a simple system is important in their workflow.  Here are 3 simple steps.

1.  Come up with your topic.  You will need to refine this into your title, but keep it clear and focused.  You are going to want to (on average) write 300-700 words on this topic.

2.  Now, write down 3-5 main points for that article.  These are important, as they will frame your article and basically for each of the 3-5 paragraphs.

3.  Flush out each paragraph.  Making sure to write approximately 100-200 words on each main point.  You may need to go back and create an opening and closing paragraph based on what your topic is.  But by doing all of that, you should have a nice quick blog to send out into the wild.

Other great ways to create a blog quickly

Do a “Numbered Post” like the one here.  “5 Top things” “3 Ways to” again – super easy, creating an opening and closing dialogue, then the points in between, and you are good to go! I also have a great app for Google Chrome called Grammarly, that works wonders in keeping my spelling in check!

It is important to write blog posts regularly.  You want to hit a minimum of 40-50 blog posts before Google really starts to recognize you.  It is always recommended that you try and be consistent with your blogging, so at the beginning look at adding between one to two blog posts a week.  Once you hit the magic forty, you can slow down and always remember to keep promoting posts that you have already written!  People need to read what you wrote.

Hope this helps!

Facebook Live Set up: Working from Home

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What is your Facebook Live set up?

So, recently I posted a picture of my set up for my Facebook lives.  It is kind of hacked together and inexpensive, but it works (and works well).  I run my little mini-empire from a 4×8 foot space in our family living room.  I wanted to have natural light during the day, but a lot of what I do, I do in the evenings, or on cloudy days (because I live in Eastern Ontario – and there are a lot of cloudy days.

So, here is my equipment list.  (Disclaimer – I make NOTHING off of any of the links on this page.  I am not currently an Amazon affiliate, so here, enjoy!)

My laptop stand!

I LOVE this stand.  It gets my MacBook off my desk, at a good height.  There is space underneath that I can tuck pens or notebooks.  I have to admit, I needed it up about another 1/2 inch, so I stuck a small book under it.  I am terrible at not using my mouse, so I still end up using the track Pag, and this fits it so nicely!

The Clamps

These clamps come in a set of 2, and I purchased 2 packages – they open to about 2″ to clamp onto just about anything. 
They have a pre-built in swivel, so I can manipulate where the light is pointed, or where the camera is!  The clamps have little rubber feet.  I have lost one, so then I went and glued the others on.  It just helps them be more sturdy.


The support for my phone

This was hard to find.  I wanted to something that would be flexible for my phone, my husband’s phone, and our small point & shoot camera.  It is very adjustable, but sturdy at the same time.  Opens up fairly wide.


The Lights (probably the most important thing)

Being a past professional photographer, I know that your lighting is everything, so I wanted something that had a good option for the amount of light, was lightweight to hold onto the clips, and was BATTERY powered (because I didn’t want extra cords running).  This thing runs off of 6 – AA batteries.  I have been using it fairly often for over a year, and still, haven’t had to replace the batteries.  I have 2, and if I am doing a longer video, I will get both up and angle point them at me.  They are also a great light for product shots because they are continuous, you can see where any shadows are.  They come with some filters, but honestly, I am not sure where they are!  The light intensity is adjustable, so you can adapt it depending on how far away you are from the source.  I tend to be about 2-3 feet, so  I keep the 1 light on the lowest setting.  If you were further away, just crank it up a bit!

Small Portable (and flexible) tripod

One of the things you didn’t see in the pictures, is my joby tripod.  I love this thing (and this one comes with the same phone clip as I am recommending above.  As a family, we take it all over – because I am a geek, a lot of time, I will throw one of those lights in, so I can get better pictures when I am traveling.  It means that I can attach a phone or light, in a lot of places.

So there you have it – my big advanced facebook live kit!  Investing in a few key pieces can really help the quality of what you do.

So, thanks for checking me out – if you want to know more about me – come and have a read over here or if you want to hang out with me in my facebook computer, come on over here!