Simple set ups for that Elf on your Shelf

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I don’t know about you, but the first year I did the Elf thing, I was super excited about it, for the first 3-4 days… then after that, my enthusiasm started to disappear a bit.  Now, I almost dread elf day.

So, in order to help out all the other moms in the world who’s children love the elves, here are some simple ideas to get your elf going for the next 24 days.

Day 1 – Arrival Day, our elves (yes, we have 2 because I couldn’t find the first one last year and ended up having to buy another one).  The elves arrive with a note from Santa and the kids’ advent (chocolate calendars).  I usually just have the elves “hanging out” somewhere close by.

I also made my elve’s poseable this year. Check out this blog post which will help!

  1. Hanging from somewhere on the Christmas tree (upgrade, tp’ing the Christmas Tree)
  2. Sitting inside the fridge all wrapped up (make sure it isn’t something that you are going to need that day)
  3. Hanging in the fruit bowl (mine eat a LOT of bananas)
  4. Get a cheap little pot from the dollar store and label it candy cane plant, have the elf sitting in it.
  5. If you have your stocking up early, hang out (feet up) in there
  6. Playing a game with another toy
  7. Wrapped up with spare wrapping paper or ribbon
  8. Do you have a nativity set or miniature village, mine likes to “move” those pieces around the house
  9. Taped to the wall in various places using washi tape
  10. Some people do the snow angels in the sugar candy – good for you, I hate elf clean up
  11. Using a dry erase marker to make mustaches on the family portraits
  12. Fishing for the dog (cat) need a small stick, some string and a pet treat
  13. Hanging out in a bowl/sink with a ton of white marshmallows and a Barbie/super hero
  14. Having a shopkin party (I don’t know about you, but I think we have about 100 of these little things in the house, I am going to bury the elf under the shopkins
  15. Do you have a doll house? Have them move all the furniture in the wrong rooms
  16. Reading a book to a bunch of other toys
  17. Zip lining or hanging down from a tall piece of furniture (ribbon and pins may be required)
  18. Having a nap in a tissue box
  19. Stuffed in a wine glass (preferably clean, but if it is getting near the end of elf time, you may need to at least rinse it out)
  20. Ice fishing in the freezer (attach an ice cube to a string
  21. The “Day off” have a note from the big guy that your elf had too much hot chocolate last night and needs a day off to recover, but will be back tomorrow
  22. Do you have a scrabble or other letter game. You can leave words around the house that they
  23. I work from home, so one day that is going to be “family only” day, I am going to washi my laptop SHUT so that I can’t work (Now that is going to be hard!)
  24. Now, leave a bunch of candy canes in your candy cane plant! (see #4)

And finally, your good-bye letter

Want copies of the welcome and good-bye letter – join us on our Elf on the Shelf Facebook support group

And a few more ideas because I am on a roll

  • Hersey’s kisses make great elf droppings
  • Use the Naughty nice cards (found on our facebook support group)
  • Depending on your family traditions, your elf could bring your child’s new pjs for Christmas Eve
  • My kids always get a new chirstmas book sometime in December, so the elf will be on the book shelf with that
  • Take an sELFie with your child while they are sleeping and show them the picture in the morning
  • Make a snow man using different sizes of marshmallows and food writeable markers
  • Have a snowball fit with another toy and mini marshmallows
  • Elf eats too many cookies one night and has a tummy ache (cookie crums required) – elf could take the next day off as a recovery day
  • Elf writes something on the bathroom mirror in toothpaste (messy clean up)

So, I recommend having an “elf” kit tucked away

  • Marshmallows of different sizes
  • Fishing line
  • Dollar store ribbon
  • Washi tape
  • Candy/candy canes
  • Scrable or other letter game handy
  • Tape
  • Special elf wrapping paper

So, I hope this helps you – you can follow my Instagram in December to see what my crazy elves are up to.

I have a pinterest board of some ideas

And don’t forget to join our facebook support group.


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