TIPS ON.........(4)Everyone always asks how I keep everything straight, schedule everything and look like everything is running smoothly, well the reality is that I do drop balls a lot of the time  –  as do most moms.  We are rushing from gym class, dance class, hockey, arts, piano, just about everything. If you are working full time outside the home you find it a challenge.  If you are working full time (or even part time) from home, you find it a challenge – heck, if you are a full time domestic goddess, you find it challenging.  There is no easy way of being a mom!

I have found a few tips that have made my life just that much easier.  After becoming a parent, I never thought I would need an alarm again.  After all, I am not a morning person – but my beautiful children are – and usually I am woken up by two bouncy monkeys who are ready to start their day (now, once I teach them how to make my tea and bring it to me, that will be awesome).  However, until that happens, I stumble through getting up, getting downstairs, feed them and getting them out the door.  But this year, I made a change.  I have an iPhone, and I set timers (alarms) on my phone so every day it tell me what I need to do and when.

So a sample schedule of what our morning might look like

7:15 the girls need to be eating (a little chime goes off)

7:40 the girls need to be going to their rooms to get dressed (a different chime)

And a lovely chime goes off to tell me that, at 8:00pm lunches need to be finished, placed in their back packs and make sure final touches are ready for the day.

And a final “warning” bell 10 minutes before we need to leave.

But here is the interesting thing – after about a month, I didn’t have to tell the girls what to do, they heard the little bells/chimes and just did it.  It has made my mornings that much easier – we all know our expectations and we all do it – no fighting, no screaming.  I was actually setting the alarms for me. but in reality – we all use them.

I even set alarms to remind me to eat during the day (I get working – and without other people around, I forget what time it is).  I have bells/whistles/chimes for all the kids activities, so we haven’t been late, and I remember where we are going…. so no wake up bell – but happy sounds from a family that knows what they need to do, and where they need to be.


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