marketing, direct sales, businessOne of the biggest things that you hear when starting a direct sales business is “It sells itself, you don’t have to do anything.” I would suggest that those statements and statements like that are the biggest misinformation in this (or any) industry. What that basically says is sign up now, you don’t have to but any effort or work into this business and you will make money – but it doesn’t work that way! However, there are different avenues that take a little work, and you will get results.

Passive Marketing:

Passive marketing in any industry is when you don’t have to do a lot of effort. There are many types of passive marketing in direct selling. These include things like:

  • Dropping catalogs off at local businesses
  • Making a post on Facebook that says “I am selling xyz product”.
  • Telling your friend that you have opened a small business
  • Dropping flyers off on door knobs
  • Giving a donation to a local charity for a silent auction

All of these methods will eventually get you results. You may get a couple of sales, maybe even a party or two. Those results will be much better then doing nothing, but don’t expect to change your life (or the amount of money in your back account) with those types of actions. The results take a lot longer.

Active Marketing

The biggest difference between passive and active marketing is ASKING. It doesn’t take a whole lot more effort then the examples given above, but it is way out of most people’s comfort zone. But, it is also the difference between a few dollars in your bank account and a lot of dollars in your bank account. You will get a lot more NO’s then you would by doing passive marketing, but No is a result (might not be the one you want) but it does get your moving forward that much faster. Take the example of posting something on f

Facebook saying “Hey world, I just opened a skin care business, so excited to get started” What are your friends and family going to say. “oh that is great” and move on. Where as sending a personal message “Hey Suzy, not sure if you saw, but I have signed up to be a skin care rep, and my first thought was how much you have talked about needing to find something for your dry skin. Let’s get together next week and I can give you a sample to try it – if you don’t like it, that is ok, but I know that it will – I can’t believe how much it has changed my skin already” Yes, that likely took you a whole minute longer then just one the post – BUT you have now explained to one friend why it will make a difference to her – and how you can help her – it stops being about you.


With our South Hill Team, we always talk how we are not selling jewelry, we are solution providers – we offer a unique way to purchase wedding gifts, retirement gifts, holiday gifts, or personal jewelry that you can customize to suit your style and story. It isn’t about the representative. It is about the client. It is about ASKING the client what they need and how we can help them.


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