This is me, this morning at a networking event – see, I am hiding in the back, as far away from the camera as possible.


For someone who talks about being in and saving memories, I do everything I can to avoid the camera.  I realized the other night that I was missing out on being in my kids’ lives.  Not physically.  I work from home.  Most days I either drive them to, or pick them up from school.  I take them to every swim class, dance practice, art class.  I am present.  I know the names of all their friends at school.  Am in the school 1-2 times a week for something.

But, when the kids look back on pictures of their early lives, they won’t see me.  I manage to avoid most of them.  Why, because I am embarrassed.  I am embarrassed by my weight, the fact I really don’t know what to do with makeup, and my hair, well ½ the time it is good 😉

I am a smart, capable woman.  I have years of a food science degree from University.  I know how food works and how it can affect so many things in our lives.  Yet, I ignore all my own training and knowledge and do “my own thing”.

Well, that stops – 4 days ago.  I represent a lifestyle company.  A company built on nutrition, health and wellness.  I have had a number of their products sitting on my selves too long.  I have watched 2 women I admire change their lives over the last year – but that is it, I have watched.  NO MORE!

So, I am declaring it to the universe – it is time for a chance.  I turn 43 next week.  I will not hit 44 and be in this condition.  I will be in my life.


So, I don’t want to do shakes and bars on a regular basis.  They work, and I have done them in the past, but I don’t want to do them this time.  So, this is what I am doing.


  1. Counting calories…. Yep, good old fashion normal counting calories.  I have an app, and everything I put in my mouth goes in there
  2. I am taking supplements. One of the reasons we over eat is because the food we do eat just simply does not have enough nutrients for our body, and our body NEED those to work.  So, in order to be honest and authentic, I am doing the 90 for Life program that Youngevity is built on.
  3. I am adding a Metabolize and Fat Burner… I need to get my body up and going again.
  4. I am taking EXTRA EFA (essential Fatty acids). I have a heart condition, a tiny little hole in the upper chamber of my heart, so I need to help my blood FLOW nicely J


Here is what I am not doing – I am not giving up my tea – but I am going to use ¼ the sugar I normally would.  I know people say “use stevia” well, I can’t stand the taste … but I will also cut down on the number of cups of tea a day – to 3! That is about ½.  And guess what, if I want a little cookie or treat, I am going to do that too!!!

I would love to hear words of support along my journey… you can find me at  but only love J